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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  September 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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good among day mornimonday . these are your headlines from around the world. >> vw shares looking in the red. the ecb maker cutting off the car maker refusing to buy loans from the finance arm as rumors suggest the group has suspended the heads of r and d and vw, audi and porsche. >> vodafone says it has ended talks with liberty global over an asset swap as they've refuse today agree the terms of the sale. glencore plunging 10% as
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investec highlights the growing debt file. i'm more hedged now than i've ever been. carl icahn tells cnbc why the fed has caused a looming catastrophe with the low rate policy. all right. so after a lackluster session to finish off the week last week, it looks like u.s. markets fair value telling us we're going to be down when markets kick off. the s&p 500 looking at the implied open, 7 points below fair value at this point. dow jones industrials 26 points and the nasdaq should be down 12 points. as we anticipate, yes, it is the u.s. nonpharm payrolls.
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it's pretty lackluster. hong kong, south korea and taiwan. let's check on the ftse cnbc global 300. this is an amalgamation of the 300 big companies not only in europe but asia as well. this is telling us we're looking at a down session. maybe 1/5 of 1%. let's zero in on europe. pronounced declines. headed for our worst quarter, folks, since 2011. as you see, the selling continues with the ftse 100 lower by 1%. the german dax, this is a selloff of 1%. the cac 40 in france down and similar losses for the ftse mib. glencore is hitting record lows. investec has come up with a bearish note on the firm citing the company's growing debt file.
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let's check in on vodafone shares. they're in trouble after they say their discussions with liberty global has terminated talks. novo nordisk is up after the diabetes drug tresiba has been approved. sabmiller is trading higher on a "sunday times" report that inbeb could be bidding for the company with an offer coming as early as monday morning. could be getting news soon. >> absolutely. want to show you what's happening in the bond space. friday after the hawkish comments coming from janet yellen, we saw treasuries selling off and yields rising. a look at them, prices are rising a tad. the yield is up at currently 2. 2.15%. we're seeing yields fall across the board. we're seeing it across the
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equity markets. the currency markets. a rise towards five week highs on the back of janet yellen. guys, it's all about the jobs report on friday, isn't it? dollar enat 120.27. 111.79. in the commodity markets we're seeing oil prices under pressure. wti crude, down 0.81%. bills were a little bit bullish. we have the imf warning and it's down .07%. let's talk about carl icahn because he is sounding the alarm bells once again. the billionaire investor saying he is now more hedge than he's ever been as low rates are causing a bubble in art, in real estate and high yield bonds with potentially dramatic consequences, he says.
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icahn will post a video with more details later on today, but in a phone interview with cnbc he says the fed may have backed itself into a corner and they should have raised rates six months ago, not just with the buy. it's more difficult with global concerns. we should point out that carl icahn, of course, has launched his own website where he'll be talking about his market views in the future. he'll continue to tweet. maybe the sounding of the alarm bells a little opportunistic in his view when it comes towards timing. it's not like he's said this before. this is like 2007 to 2008 a yield is in a bubble. this is not -- he's not changing his tune really. >> no. at the back end of june he said the market is extremely over heated. there's a bubble in high yield debt and that's why he's building up a large cash file. he's really just reiterating those comments. he's warning about catastrophic consequences. what i think is interesting is his call on high yield debt.
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you know what, susan, he was right. because over the course of the summer we saw high yield debt in the u.s. some off quite a bit. the high yield debt yield is, what, 1.7% higher than it was in june, for example. in that call he was certainly right. we'll see whether he's right on those other calls. >> carl icahn has made a career out of being right. he said he sold out of netflix as well. i'm not sure that was the right deal for him but, you know, that's something we'll continue to track. let's move on to talk about vw because that is our focus here. more headlines coming through throughout the morning. what's the latest here? >> i'm looking at some of these headlines. vw's audi saying 4.2 million audi cars affected in western europe. 5.7 thousand affected. audi saying as a result of the emissions scandal in europe, the worldwide crisis, worldwide 2.1
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million audi cars are affected. >> in the last half hour reuters is saying they have suspended the research and development heads of vw passenger cars of audi and porsche. that's the latest as the scandal continues to unfold. nancy, what do you make of the most recent comments coming from audi? >> reporter: well, carolyn, i think it's indicative of what we heard from m avatthias mueller. he wants to set it straight and be fast and quick and put to rest so much of the uncertainty. so much of the focus was the drama and defense around the ceo's departure. two days later a new ceo was brought in, mr. matthias mueller. this week can be more crucial as
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the company gets set to announce how many vehicles were affected and the fix for the software. how they will technically fix the software for the defeat advice. they want this fixed by october 7th or else they could face additional files. the pressure is building on vw. so many promises of restoring trust and getting back to business. they now need to put forward a concise plan. we could expect to see -- we're told last week on friday we would get the names of these r and d chiefs from porsche and audi, now they're saying volkswagen as well. we're awaiting the official word to see what other personnel are in store. i can't stress enough that the feeling on the ground in germany is that volkswagen has nobody else to blame but itself. if you just take a look at the
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cover of the magazine out over the weekend. quite clearly it reads, the suicide. in a very poignant image the paul bearers have american flags on their jackets pointing home that this was uncovered in the united states given the fact that most of the diesel cars are in europe. >> nancy, quite a striking cover there. let's give you a rundown of what to watch for on this trading day on this monday. we have august personal income and spending throughout at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. income forecast arrives at .4% while spending is seen to be increasing by maybe .3% or so. at 10:00 we'll get august pending home sales, a trio of fed officials are speaking. new york fed president, bill dudley. charles evans, john williams. looks like it's a bus why you day. meantime, at the u.n. general assembly we are expecting the
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address from u.s. president barack obama. he is expected to use the speech to taut the merits of diplomacy and engagement. the president will also meet with russian president vladimir putin this evening which is their first face to face in close to two years. he's also expected to talk with indian prime minister later on today and they meet with cuban president raul castro on tuesday. meanwhile, hois speaker john boehner says there will be no u.s. government shut down this week. boehner resigned last week. he says he'll get as much done as he can. that includes pushing through a spending bill and avoiding a shutdown this week. >> appearing yesterday on cbs's "face the nation" boehner lashed out on those who made his position untenable. >> the bible says beware of false promise.
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there are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done. we've got groups here in town, members of the house and senate here in town who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> boehner says he will convene a special committee to investigate planned parenthood's abortion practices. conservative republicans want to defund the group over allegations it improperly sold feet tall tissue. all right. still to come on the program on "worldwide exchange", stay tuned to find out what brought india's prime minister to the verge of tears during a q and a with facebook's founder.
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these are the headlines. glencore shares hit a record low and are on track to question shareholder value. vw investors hit the brakes as the car maker says it has fired some of its r and d heads over the scandal. liberty and vodafone halt talks on asset swaps. let's track some mna activity in a pair of pipeline operators could be close to tying the knot. the "financial times" reporting
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that energy transfer equity is closing in on a $34 billion takeover deal for the rival williams companies. the deal may be announced possibly as early as today. energy transfer first approached williams with an all stock offer at $34 a piece. williams rejected that. there's been a mix of captioned stock. let's check in on the stock performance in germany. looks like energy transfer, the market is not liking it, down 2.5%. meantime, cypress semiconductor is looking at a bid for atmel. reuters says cypress is talking with investment bankers and has told atmel it believes its offer will be secured to dialogues which was worth $4.6 billion. atmel makes chips for connected cars and dye dialog has dropped
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and currently it's higher. >> let's move on to something fun. comcast is buying a majority stake in universal studios in japan. they own nbc universal. universal studios japan opened back in 2001. it's enjoying solid business on the back of the wizarding world of harry potter. it had planned an ipo this year but comcast brian roberts says there are no future plans. comcast, looks like investors like it. we're up over 2%. still to come on the program, uber competitors surge ahead. we'll tell you how indian and chinese ride sharing apps were working together and are working together to challenge uber's dominance. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do?
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lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves, you barely feel it. always discreet underwear so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always chinese uber rival has made an investment into india's largest ride sharing app, ola. they say this investment is around $30 million which is the latest evidence of anti uber collaboration in the country.
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indian prime minister nor ren dra mode did i held a meeting with mark zuckerberg. he answered questions about his mother. he spoke about how social media changed his life in a meeting that was more about his personal life than business. you know, i guess everyone knows that india is a huge growth market for many of these tech companies but at the same time what we're seeing with uber is very tough to gain a very strong foothold in that market because there's so much red tape. so much bureaucracy. >> also a development market as well. it was announced that facebook, mark zuckerberg and bill gates will try to bring interter net to those who can't access. if you've ever been to india infrastructure is still nascent. let's continue that discussion, susan. joining us on the phone is
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arvind bhatia. thank you so much for taking the time. we've talked about the growth potential for the likes of facebook in india. just how lucrative is that market really given all the red tape and bureaucracy? >> as you guys pointed out, it's one of the largest markets in india with a prime minister that's very pro business. if you are targeting 1 billion people to connect, ultimately that will lead to a huge amount of monetization for facebook. >> we're talking about moda since he is in the u.s. i want to talk to you about what's happening in china because we had xi jinping in the u.s. mark zuckerberg was speaking in chinese while xi jinping is here. what's the market, india or
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breaking into china? >> i think his vision is to connect everybody in the world. he's looking at all possible markets forex pangs. india is just more available right now. china i think over time will become available to him. i think right now the environment in india is more favorable forex pangs and his initiative works really well there, but i have no doubt that over time facebook will be able to connect a lot of people to china as well. >> arvind, you just mentioned before that india is a highly lucrative market for the social media companies. in india there is a lot of criticism that the platform simply isn't as open as it could be to many of the developers. what are some of the key steps that facebook really needs to take in that particular market? >> i think it's just a function of being a developing economy and going through the growth pains. what's important is that you have support at the top and i
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think at the very bottom level or at the developer level i think there will be from a technology standpoint, you know, facebook has three offices there to support and so i think they'll work out the kinks over time but the motivation is there. the intention is there. so i don't think there's any big hurdle there. >> all right. arvind, finally do you still have a buy rating on facebook stock? the management did guide for a somewhat slower ad revenue in the second half of the year versus the first. >> we do have a buy rating. we have factored in the slower growth in the second half. when you compare this company to its competitors, it's still one of the fastest growing companies. emarketer, which projects the industry, they just recently rated the projections for the second half and in fos 16 so we remain confident of the outcome.
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>> arvind, thank you very much. let's talk about privacy and security continuing to be front and center in the technology world. the silent circle has unveiled the black phone 2. the communications and encryption firm is looking to build on its success. joining us to talk more about the latest offering we have mike jenke, co-founder of silent circle. former navy s.e.a.l.s operator today. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> why couldn't you call it red phone? >> we wanted it to be under stated. it's not about selfie cameras, waterproofing, it's about privacy and security. understated and just get the job done. >> your encryption strength is four times that of the iphone 6. let me ask you about who is demanding your phones right now? who's buying? >> everybody.
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right now enterprise, governments and consumers. if you take a look in the enterprise today because of the sony hack, mobile security at the edge is a forefront. we're basically replacing blackberry in the enterprising government. >> you're replacing them but can you be as competitive when it comes to price? that is wishful thinking trying to replace a bohemoth like blackberry. i know they weren't as big as they were when they were research in motion but they're still a big player. >> absolutely. to us in our markets at our blackphone 2 as $799. it's as much as an unlocked iphone 6 s but to a government concerned about privacy and security, that's not a big cost. it's about what you'd pay for an unlocked samsung. >> let me ask you about the landmark cyber he espionage dea
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signed by china and the u.s. during xi jinping's visit. china said they weren't going to spy on the u.s. anymore. >> i'll try not to laugh. >> so you don't think that's true. >> i was wondering if that cuts down on demand in the future for blackphones. >> no. that's a great question. if you think about the recent revelations of the nsa, china, russia, anyone spying. the reality is there are over 100 countries that have their own robust spying programs in addition to the criminals, the hackers and the professional criminal gangs that -- you know, data is the new gold coming out of the ground, not oil. so the more data there is, the more competitive advantage there is for countries. it's increasing ten fold not decreasing. >> can you make the screen bigger? 5 1/2 inches. >> my daughter's hand.
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i have a 14-year-old daughter. >> your 14-year-old uses a blackphone? >> she does. this is the first time -- >> what secrets does she have to hide? >> this is the first time where you've never had to compromise. there was always a compromise between security and usability. my daughter may not care as much about privacy, it just works. so it's all underneath. she can still snapchat, facebook, whatever, but facebook and snapchat get no data. >> that's a phone you want to break into, mike. >> thanks for having me. >> co-founder of silent circle. we're going to get a break. stay with us on "worldwide exchange."
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welcome to "worldwide exchange." i'm susan lee. >> i'm carolyn roth. these are your headlines from around the world. vw shares are looking down again. the ecb cutting off the car maker refusing to buy loans from the finance arm as audi says 2.1 million vehicles are affected globally. tieup talks terminated. vodafone says it has ended talks with liberty global for an asset swap as they refuse to meet a deal. glencore plummeting as
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investec questions the shareholder value and a bearish note that highlights the company's growing debt file. i'm more hedge now than i've ever been. carl icahn tells cnbc why the federal government has caused a, quote, looming catastrophe with its low rate policy. good monday morning. if you're just tuning in, thank you so much for sharing your time with us. let's quickly check in on the u.s. markets open as we are kicking off a new week in new york. so here's a look at the futures. fair value telling us for the s&p 500 coming off two straight weeks of declines it looks like the implied open is 7 points below fair value. meantime, when we look to the dow jones industrials, losses of 55 points and the nasdaq should be pricing in declines of 18 points or so. here's a look at what's happening in europe. we are looking for the worst
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quarter since 2011. i guess today's losses are not helping in that. we have the ftse 100 down over 1%. the german dax way down once again. vw shares are lower by 1.5%. similar losses as well for the france cac and ftse mib. i want to highlight what's happening with glencore. this stock is broken. we have come off. we're down 15%. investec has issued a bearish note citing the company's growing debt stockpile. we have vodafone shares under pressure after the company says its discussions with liberty global have now been terminated regarding a possible exchange of assets since they can't seem to agree on terms. the opposite direction nordisk shares are approving the long-acting diabetes drug
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tresib. in mna news, sabmiller trading sharply higher today. up 3.25 after they reported ab inbev could be bidding for the company. president obama will address the u.n. general assembly today at 10:15 a.m. eastern time. the president will also meet with russian president vladimir putin this evening, their first face to face meeting in nearly a year. that is one highly anticipated meeting. >> carolyn, that meeting could be the most important news of this whole trip. the two are at odds but president obama hopes his message of unity to the u.n. will be heard by russian president vladimir putin. president obama spoke on sunday to a sustainable development summit at the u.n. ahead of his address that will happen today as you said at 10:00.
5:34 am
he highlighted how the nations working together can achieve any goal. in his address on sunday he did not mention isis by name but he said poverty allows conflicts like this to start up. isis will be the top issue discussed when the president meets with the russian president vladimir putin face to face after his speech at the u.n. the president believes that he sees an opportunity to convince the russian president to work with the u.s. the skeptics say the white house strategy needs to be revamped because vladimir putin views the u.s. as weak. president obama is expected to ask the russian president for a joint force against isis. he's also expected to ask for a transition from the syrian government. back to you, carolyn. thank you so much for that. house speaker john boehner says there will be no u.s. government shutdown this week. boehner who announced friday he is resigning from congress at the end of october says he plans to get as much done as he can. i plans on pushing through a
5:35 am
short term bill to keep the government running. here on "face the nation" boehner lashed out at hard line conservatives who he said made his position untenable. >> there are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done. we've got groups here in town, members of the house and senate here in town who whip people into a frenzy saying they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen. >> boehner says he will convene a special committee to investigate planned parenthood's abortion practices. let's talk about the race for the white house for 2016. donald trump planning to release his tax plans today at around 11:00 a.m. eastern time. the top republican presidential
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candidate telling cbs's "60 minutes" on sunday he wants to raise taxes on the very wealthy. trump also wants to cut the number of unfair deductions of the middle class and corporations pay less in federal taxes. they're not saying how they can afford the major tax cuts but he does say the u.s. must heavily tax imports, especially from mexico and japan. i also want to point out that we also had a recent nbc/wall street journal poll saying that trump is essentially tied with mr. carson in the race for the republican nomination for 2016. >> wow. i didn't know that. it's not looking that good for hillary clinton though. hillary clinton says she's been asked to be as transparent as possible about her e-mail server use. speaking on nbc's "meet the press" the democratic presidential candidate say constant questions have left a mark on her campaign.
5:37 am
take a listen. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip. that's why i said, there is only so much i is can control. what i have tried to do in explaining this is provide more transparency and more information than anybody that i'm aware of who as ever served in the government and i'm happy to do that because i want these questions to be answered. >> as mentioned before, clinton has seen her lead in the race for the democratic nomination fade. a new nbc/wall street journal poll shows she leads vermont senator bernie sanders by just 15 points. in july she led them by 34 points. let's talk about all things political. mr. boehner, they're saying the tug of war between the republican party is not going to get any better only because he's gone. what do you think? >> absolutely. this comes down to numbers. you've got a faction of the republican party that is hard right, tea party as we tend to call them.
5:38 am
you've got the moderate majority and the democrats. you essentially have three parties at the moment. boehner has said he wants to keep both of his parties on side. that is impossible. know believe very differently about some core issues. >> do they not remember october of 2013, it shut down the government for three weeks. the republicans took a lot of blame for that. >> they did, indeed. the moderate middle remembers that. the trouble is that the hard right tea party don't. what they see is that boehner and others have compromised again and again and again but as you saw -- as you just showed -- >> i think most people are reminded of the government shutdown and how the markets bounced back pretty firmly after that. in the end it doesn't really
5:39 am
matter. what i want to focus on is you have president obama speaking to the u.n. putting forth his time line. is there anything significant in those regards? >> he's going to meet with vladimir putin. he can't not meet with vladimir putin. russia has forced itself very much into the game on syria. there needs to be cooperation. that is a good thing having more actors working together. putin can bring assad on board. the question is does putin try to collaborate or is he working against the west? is he working against a cessation of hostilities. we just don't know the answer to that, whether he really wants to own it in kind. >> both will address the u.n. later on today. this meeting was forced because it originally wasn't scheduled for the first face to face in a year's time. what can they do together?
5:40 am
what can they announce? growth is usually the default announcement. >> there have been announcements on the environment. there will be continued announcements on the environment, i'm sure. you have to remember it is an opportunity for leaders to come together and showing their leadership. that's what we're seeing from putin. that's what we'll see from president obama. that's what we're going to see from chinese president xi later on. all of them showing we're the big guys at the table. if we work together, we can get that done. nobody expects much concrete to come out. in the environment, we'll be waiting for december's meeting in paris to see real concrete action. >> thank you so much. good seeing you. u.s. project director. tit-for-tat verbal debate. aaron sorkin, the screen writer behind the steve jobs biopic has
5:41 am
apologized for comments he made while defending the film after receiving criticism from the apple ceo. cook said the film was opport e opportunist opportunistic. sorkin fired back about the operations in china. sorkin said the film included new information on the life of steve jobs. >> it's not opportunistic. tim cook hasn't seen the film yet or hadn't when he made that comment on colbert. nobody signed up for this movie to get rich. it's just not that kind of movie. so i hope when tim cook sees it he enjoys it as much as i enjoy his products. >> michael fastbender plays of course steve jobs. it's directed by danny boil. why backtrack off those
5:42 am
comments. they were pretty lethal, don't you think? >> zblerp about tim cook and apple. he says if you have been if you have a factory full of children in china working for 17 cents an hour can you really get on your high moral ground and call someone else opportunistic? harsh. why backtrack? my response would be do you want to go up against tom cook, one of the most powerful ceos of the world because he runs apple after all. you want to be friends with him, not foes with him. it would have garnered a lot more interest. no such thing as a bad publicity. >> i didn't see it. >> what does that say? still to come on the program, to borrow and slightly change a line from the bengals is just another merger monday, not manic monday, although it
5:43 am
kind of feels manic today. plus, as we head into break, if the moon looked a little bit bigger than usual the last time you looked at it, no need to seek medical advice. the larger appearance was due to a so-called super moon which is when a full or new moon makes its closest approach to earth. you might also have noticed the blood moon which is when a super moon and lunar eclipse combine.
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welcome back. several big deals may be in the works today in the energy chip and media sectors. let's get out to landon dowdy. >> let's start in the energy sector where a pier of pipeline operators could be close to tying the knot. energy transfer equity is doing a $34 billion takeover deal for rival williams companies. the agreement could be announced later today. energy transfer first approached williams in june with an all stock offer of $64 a share. williams rejected that but launched a strategic review. several companies were reportedly interested. e.t. was the only serious bidder.
5:47 am
checking stocks, e.t. down 2%. cypress reportedly working on a deal for rival atmel. righters says cypress is talking with investment bankers and it believes its offer will be superior to dialog's which was worth $4.6 billion. atmel makes chips for connected cars and industrial gear in the fast growing internet of things market. dialog has jumped 21%. atmel is up more than 5% in europe. dialog is up 1%. cypress is trading lower. comcast is buying a stake in universal studios japan. they own them through nbc universal. it opened in 2001 and has enjoyed solid business on the back of i had wizarding world of
5:48 am
harry potter. comcast ceo brian roberts says there are no plans for an offering in the near term. comcast is trading higher in europe. >> thank you so much for that. let's get to the sports scores and peyton manning passing for 324 yards and two tads as the denver broncos put away the detroit lions to improve to 3-0 on the season. manning connecting with three-time pro bowler did he march yous thomas on a 45-yard touchdown pass with only five seconds left in the first half. the lions fall to 0-3 with this logs which is the worst start for the team since 2010. around the rest of the nfl the atlanta falcons scoring the last 25 points of the game to complete the comeback against the dallas cowboys. philadelphia eagles earning their first win of the season topping the new york jets 24-14. cincinnati bankless thwart a late rally by the baltimore ravens. the defending nbc champion
5:49 am
seattle seahawks winning their first game of the season holding the chicago bears scoreless in their game. let's move on to major league baseball. emotions boiled over in washington in the nationals dugout as the teammates brice harper and jonathan papelbon brawled. questioning his hustle. after the game saying the teammates had squashed the beef, i don't know what that means, but harper refused to comment on the incident. >> you would think they would fight against the opposite team. >> squash the beef, what would that mean? >> let's leave that up for questioning. these are your headlines. glencore shares hit a record low. the investors question the volume joompt vw fallout.
5:50 am
do they have to suspend some of their r and d heads. vodafone called off the asset swaps talks. f the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build it in classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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welcome back. let's show you shares of glencore and they're hitting another record low. off 18%. very close to session lows. why? we got this pretty bearish note out of broker investment. they're questioning the firm's shareholder value. they say if major commodity prices remain at current levels in the absence of substantial restructuring, nearly all of the equity could evaporate. this is not the base case scenario, but it's putting a lot of pressure on glencore. and ftse falling to the lowest
5:53 am
levels. >> a lot of companies levering up. who's sounding the alarm bells is carl icahn. in a phone interview with cnbc he says the fed may have backed themselves into a corner. they should have raised interest rates six months ago. it's more difficult because of global concerns. let's talk through this. joining us from chicago early is michael guerk, founder and president of brown hill partners. michael, is he telling us anything we haven't heard before? >> well, you know, just to shed light on that as i watched that full moon and everything line up together last night i couldn't help think of fed policy. everything aligned perfectly and all you got out of it was a shadow. i think that's exactly what the market did not anticipate on this last meeting. as the chairman yellen begins to use more rhetoric and become hawkish, i think the markets have adapted to that already. the icahns of the world mostly do believe that implementation
5:54 am
should have been months ago. right now it just doesn't show up in the numbers in regards to what would be the outcome of that. that's always been my biggest proponent of why implementation should have happened already. >> earlier this year carl icahn saying he's building up a huge cash cow. are you seeing more investors do that, michael? >> well, as more money comes to the sidelines after booking profits, that's a formula that will work forever. the problem is the timing and cycles of those maneuvers are few and far between. right now i think prudent, large investors, institutions are looking for bargains which might not show up for quarters. that means more stable money in the market but less active. i think right now as balance sheets start to build, that stagnant nature will probably lead to watching the s&p test 1885 right now which is what support is all about in stagnant markets. >> michael, i think icahn says he's more hedge now than he's been in years. that was the take away for me. i'm just wondering if you're
5:55 am
promoting that to fellow investors, raise some money. >> actually, what i'm promoting is the alternative investment space. here it becomes the ctas. i look at the larger scale. not necessarily real estate but alternative investments. always been a smaller piece of the pie, 5% or less. as that number continues to grow, what he have' soon in great portfolio structures, those are the best returns. the impetus is for higher returns i think things will start to turn there. as an example, look at what the brazilian real is up against. 4.25. when you see this distress, value will appear. those are the values that are becoming promising for 2016. >> you mentioned the about zilian zil ian -- brazil onre real.
5:56 am
that seems to be on the cusp of turning. >> i think with at least the britts, china has become the lead now as far as is it overdone or not? i think the big winner here is probably going to be india without question. not only does the sensex reflect that through the basket of stocks in the country, but i think as investment comes more into the country and i think as the infrastructure of india continues to build out, i'm talking basic materials, not technology, i think they're going to be a huge winner. that's one of the reasons why the value has been overblown in some of those areas. >> michael, enjoy your training week. let's quickly check in on u.s. futures since we are coming off two straight down weeks for u.s. markets. futures are telling us we're going to start a little bit lower when markets kick off with the new trading week as we do also have an offer of payrolls. >> i'm susan lee. >> i'm carolyn roth.
5:57 am
next up, "squawk box" u.s.
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good morning. a warning from wall street. carl icahn seeing danger ahead and fears a catastrophe could be looming. the activist investor speaking out. plus, it's your money, your vote. new nbc news pole showing donald trump and ben carson running neck and neck. jordan spieth wins the fed ex cup. the 22-year-old smashing the record for the richest season in history. he has 12 million in winner's check, more than 22 million. it's monday, september 28th, 2015 and "squawk box" begins right now.
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